Wedding SEO

SEO, search engine optimization, are big words that are fraught with stress and anxiety. People and companies spend money and resources into “gaming the system” to be ranked #1 on Google.

The unfortunate part is that most people don’t know what “being #1 is” on Google. And being #1 isn’t necessarily the best thing.

I have worked in the SEO industry since 2008 and seen a lot happen. There have been big changes, Panda and Penguin, along with Schema usage, and little ones, certain English language content updates.

As a wedding professional, you don’t have time to read and know everything about the SEO industry. But I do. My upcoming Wedding SEO series, will help you understand and work on SEO in your time. Don’t worry it’s launching soon!

If you have a lot of work to do and need a strategy, I’m here to help with a one-on-one SEO session for just $199/2 hours.

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