STOP: Style Me Pretty & Green Wedding Shoes Aren’t the Only Wedding Blogs to Exist

I am part of several Facebook groups dedicated to creatives or wedding professionals. At least once a month, I see someone write a sad sap post about how they’ve been rejected from Style Me Pretty and they just don’ submission wise.
wedding blog submission
They even share photos of the rejected submission pleading on *why* they’re right for SMP. Guess what? I looked at those pics, your style is definitely not SMP.

Equally unhelpful are the commenters who say the OP (original poster) should submit to Green Wedding Shoes, Grace Ormonde, or Junebug Weddings*. Because somehow you’ll have better chance there.

Really? You’re in the wedding industry and you could ONLY think about four wedding blogs. And those four wedding blogs, by the way, get not hundreds, but thousands of submissions a month. And somehow you think your style is always right for these blogs?

Please, stop it.

You need to sit down and reevaluate what your business is and who your clientele is. I will guarantee for the majority of you, it is not 99% SMP, GWS, or any of those acronyms. Your clientele are the brides who love beach weddings, or the brides who care about the emotion and not the details, or the brides who are celebrating their religion.

And guess what? There’s a wedding blog that will take that clientele. Obsessed with Disney weddings? Check. Got married in Pittsburg? Check. Doing the Big Fat Indian Wedding. Check. Love pastels, hate mason jars? Check.

There are dozens of wedding blogs out there that could be the perfect fit for your submission. If you are at a loss at where to start, you can check out Aisle Society or my own curated wedding blogger list. Sure, they don’t have 30 million pageviews a month, but they might have a powerful social media audience. Or they might be awesome at resharing your work over the year; not just a one time thing. Or they will make sure your work gets shared on social media.

In the end, if you want leads that represent your business, then you need to start visiting wedding sites that your clients do. Not everyone sits and obsesses with SMP. And not everyone needs to be featured in the ‘it’ blog of the moment.

Get off that pity party couch and do something valuable for your business.

*No offense to any of these companies, they produce amazing content.

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