Schedule Your Best Posts on Facebook Using Google Analytics

By using Google Analytics, you can schedule your most popular posts on Facebook to create evergreen content schedule.

Pulling your most popular posts, i.e. your most viewed posts, is easy.
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Go to Google Analytics. Then click on Behavior –> Site Content –> All Pages.
google analytics content
Now set a date range. I choose a long date range to pull the most popular content over the past years. In the top right corner, choose your date range and click Apply.

This gives you the posts with the most pageviews. You can apply filters for certain categories or even keywords. I choose to have a plain list that I can then decide which to post to Facebook.

To schedule on Facebook, go to your page. Add a new post by adding the link and the post text. Instead of pressing ‘publish’ click the blue arrow button on the right and choose Schedule. The best is to schedule for times where you have the most interaction on your page.
facebook schedule post

Now you’ve got content scheduled AND you’ve learned to use data to make that decision.

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