Choosing to invest in your business can be scary. You know you need to invest to drive return, ie. more sales, but it costs money to invest in business coaches, accountants, digital marketing experts, and even advertising.

Investing in social media, SEO, and content is tricky. Results are not immediate and you cannot always track the original point of work that cause the success or failure. While ads are easy, “hey, I got 20 clicks for $100”, I cannot tell you that you will rank #1 on Google for keywords. In fact, no one should ever guarantee returns on search engine ranking and even traffic to your site.

But what is certain, is that in investment in branding yourself better, targeting your potential client base, and creating content your audience loves will give you more exposure and therefore higher chance of reach.

I keep my prices reasonable because I know as small businesses, you need someone who understands you, your market, and your budget. I offer two types of pricing, an initial “social media session” and then hourly retainer rates thereafter.

Social Media Sessions
With the Social Media Sessions, we can either do a 2 hour or a 3 hour in person/phone consult. To have an effective session, you will fill out a questionnaire about your business and digital marketing knowledge. This gives me the opportunity to do my homework where I spend at least one hour reviewing your website, social media channels, and the questionnaire.

This way, when we have our consultation, we can get straight down to business.

$199 – 2 hour Social Media Session
$399 – 3 hour Social Media Session

$95/hour ad hoc
$80/hour if booking 3 hours or more in advance

Ready to get started on optimizing your social and content presence? Email me at: chotipreeti @ gmail dot com ! I am currently booking for October-December 2016.