Hate Facebook Page Reach? So Do I.

I have a secret. Maybe it’s not a secret if you know me, but it’s certainly something social media consultants won’t openly discuss with you. Or with anyone.

Facebook Pages suck.

There, I said it. Let’s get to that elephant in the room and talk about it. A lot.

I mean, check out this crazy stuff. Coca Cola, one of the largest brands and corporations in the world has 99 million fans on Facebook. 99 million!

And when they post on Facebook, guess how many likes they have?

Not 970,000, I mean 970. Not even a thousand people like the post.

Now, check this video out from Tip Hero. They literally make a bunch of videos, some decent, some clickbait, and some dribble. They have 17 million Facebook fans. What’s the stats on their video?


Holy guacamole.

What does this tell us? A. the number of fans you have is meaningless (Facebook admits to that). B. Videos matter. C. Substance doesn’t really matter.

Facebook for brands is NOTHING what it was 1 year, 2 year, 3 years ago. In fact, unless you’re viral cooking videos, political dribble, or holistic garbage (the many un-truths rear their ugly with false information on health and wellness), Facebook sucks for you. Facebook sucks if you’re a large brand. And Facebook sucks if you’re a small business.

Really, it double sucks if you are a small business. Large brands can duke it out by getting more exposure by paying money. You, my lovely friend, cannot.

Before you go lamenting how Facebook is constantly changing things and you don’t get it, listen up. That whining won’t get you anywhere. Nobody cares at Facebook that things aren’t the same anymore for you, small business owner.

Facebook is a massively traded public corporation earring billions in advertising (well, that’s pretty much their only stream of income – notwithdstanding Oculus). They don’t give a shit about small businesses who spend $20 a month on advertising. Do you know how much some companies spend a day on Facebook? $40,000. FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER DAY.

And you can never ever compete with that. Nor with the $300 million dollars spent during the election cycle in 2016 (no joke). Which means, you have to play the game they designed and beat them at it.

How do you it, you ask?
In very simple terms, it’s a numbers game. You need to get reach, you need to get engagement in order to drive traffic.

That means, you need to:

  • Post often and consistently.
  • Post videos.
  • Post photos – cats, quotes, all that stuff people love on the internet.
  • Make sure pages on your website link to your Facebook page.
  • Have share buttons on the blog section of your website.
  • Activate reviews on your page.
  • Get every friend, dog, and peony to like your page.

That is the jist of it. Doing it and setting a strategy to it is a lot harder to do. If you need help with that, email me at chotipreeti @ gmail dot com and we can work together to create a plan right for it.

It’s time to play ball.

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