Facebook Ad Dissection: Quick Case Studies

As an effort to demystify Facebook advertising, it is sometimes best to look at what others do. Over the next several weeks, I’ll be picking a real ad that was in the my Newsfeed and will dissect it.

There are of course limitations, these are ads that are delivered to me, so they could appear different to you. I am also focusing on ads that are in the Newsfeed only since sidebar ads require a slightly different strategy. Some of these ads will be Newsfeed desktop, others Newsfeed mobile.

I’ll discuss the content in the ad, the purpose of the ad (at least what we think it is), and equally important, the landing page of the ad. The last thing you want to have is a great ad and a terrible landing page.

Here is the breakdown outline for each of our case studies.

Last, we do not know what the real success rate is with the ad. That is unfortunately information we’ll never get from the ad itself. But we’ll definitely take a stab at it and guess!

Facebook Ad
Newsfeed mobile or desktop?
Photo: What is in the photo? What does the photo convey?
Above photo text: What’s the text? Is it easy to understand? Catchy? Is there a CTA?
Below photo text: What’s the text? Easy to understand?
Listed URL: Do they list a destination URL or text? Does it matter?

Landing Page
URL: What’s the URL? Can we learn anything from this?
Content: What content is above the fold? What information is the advertiser trying to collect? What is the advertising actually advertising?

Ad rating: 1-5 stars (1 – terrible, 5 – excellent)
Success potential: 1-5 stars (1 – unsuccessful, 5 – extremely successful)

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